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  • Z Man Chatter Bait Project Series Ez Skirt Mustad Hook Oz


    Chemically-sharpened heavy-duty Mustad UltraPoint black nickel hook paired with unique stainless hex-shaped ChatterBlade stamped and electroplated in the USA and USA-made super-strong quick clip attached to the blade
    Hardened stainless wireform blade attachment molded into the head which features 3D eyes for an ultra-realistic look and multi-step skirt-matched paint schemes
    New Z-Tie double umbrella EZ Skirt for a fuller skirt profile rivaling the look of a hand-tied skirt and secured in place by an enlarged jighead collar to reduce slippage
    Super-sharp double-keeper jighead barbs hold soft plastic trailers securely in place
    Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce weights with a 5/0 hook or larger 3/4- and 1-ounce weights featuring a 6/0 hook

  • Z Man Nedlockz Jighead Freshwater 1 Oz Hook Size Package of 5


    Signature mushroom-shaped head preferred by finesse enthusiasts
    Heavy-duty Mustad Ultra Point hooks
    Split keeper design is easy to rig and holds ElaZtech and conventional soft plastics securely
    Country of Origin:United States

  • Z Man Razor Shad 4 5 ‘


    Segmented fish-shaped body and forked tail create an extremely lifelike baitfish profile.
    Ideally suited as a bladed swim jig trailer when conditions call for a bulkier profile to mimic full-bodied forage.
    Belly slot and dorsal pocket allow for easy weedless rigging on a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG style hook.
    When rigged weightless bait dives when twitched and exhibits an erratic darting motion and slow rise on the pause that is deadly on bass and redfish alike.
    4.5-inch length 4 10X Tough baits per pack. Made in the USA.

  • Z Man Rejh Pk 33070 Redfish Eye Fishing Equipment Oz


    Oversized 3D eyes present a more prominent target for gamefish.
    Dual super-sharp keeper spikes hold ElaZtech and other soft plastics securely. Molded in South Carolina with heavy-duty 4/0 30-degree Mustad UltraPoint hooks.
    Ideal not just for redfish but for bass seatrout snook flounder small tarpon and more.
    Available with Red Pearl Glow and Gold eyes. Offered in 1/8 3/16 and 1/4 ounce weights for a variety of fresh- and saltwater scenarios. 3 jigheads per pack.
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm as per California Proposition 65 Warnings.

  • Z Man Trdcr Pk 6 Crawz 2 5 ‘ Pack


    Compact and lifelike 2.5-inch crawfish imitation that is ideal for Ned Rig applications.
    Bulbous buoyant claws float at rest mimicking the natural defensive posture of a crayfish.
    Tucked-under tail and flat belly creates gliding action preferred by finesse enthusiasts.
    Pairs perfectly with Finesse ShroomZ NedlockZ and new Finesse BulletZ jigheads.
    Also an ideal trailer for small skirted jigs like the ShroomZ Micro Finesse Jig.

  • Z-Darter V2 Micro 1 1/16oz Ice Fishing & Panfish Rattle Jigging Minnow Lure”


    360 Degrees Rotating Belly Treble Hook avoiding torque and optimizing landing fish ratio. Free Swinging Belly Treble Hook for better hook up placement
    Abs Body Cover allowing Extreme Realism
    Rattle System to attract Walleye Trout and Panfish such as Crappie Bluegill and Perch
    Micro Size perfectly suited for ice fishing and ultra light fishing
    Built-in Wings for Extra Durability and Enhanced Gliding / Darting Action

  • Z-Man Fishing Redfish Eye Jighead Lures 1/8 oz 3 Pack 3D Eyes Heavy Duty 4/0 30 Degrfee Hook Chartreuse


    Redfish Eye jig heads – designed around the knowledge that game fish target the eyes of baitfish these jig heads Sport the largest eye of any jig head in their class.
    Heavy duty – the degree neck Bend of the heavy-duty 4/0 hook puts the Eye at the front of the jig head reducing snagging and fouling on shallow grass and Oyster laden flats that Redfish inhabit.
    Versatile Use – the Z-Man Redfish Eye jigheads aren’t just for Redfish but for bass seatrout snook flounder small Tarpon and more.
    Available in multiple colors – the Redfish Eye jigheads are available in a variety of finishes.
    Available in multiple Weights – Redfish Eye jigheads come in 1/8 1/4 and 3/16 oz Weights and for a variety of fresh and saltwater scenarios.

  • Z-Viber Micro – Ultra Light and Ice Fishing Lure – Mini Lipless Crankbait – 1/16oz Rattle Bait (0.6)”


    Micro Size 0.6 (1.5cm) – 1/16oz
    Rattling System For Subtle Attractive Noise
    Tight Vibrations
    Tungsten Weight Incorporated For Faster Drop
    Use it as a Jig or a Lure.
    High Quality Paint and Realistic Patterns / Colors
    3D Hollographic Eyes for a Lifelike Look
    Glow UV and Realistic Colors available
    Amazing Lure For Crappie Trout Perch Walleye Bass Bluegill and other type of Panfish”

  • Zakana Casting Jig


    Fishing Lure
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  • Zakana Casting Jig


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  • Zara Spook Topwater Fishing Lure – Legendary Walk-The-Dog Lure


    Walk-the-dog fishing technique to attract attention on surface of water
    Whether fish are suspended or working the surface the distinctive action of the Zara Spook calls them from great distances prompting explosive strikes every time
    Topwater bait lure
    Double hook design to ensure a secure catch
    Dimensions: 4 1/2 inches long 3/4 oz weight 1/0 Hooks

  • Zoom Fluke Bait-Pack of 10


    Package length: 16.764 cm
    Package width: 12.446 cm
    Package height: 1.27 cm
    Product Type: FISHING HOOK

  • Zoom Super Speed Craw-Pack of 8


    Fish it by iteself or as a traiiler on a jig
    Floppy Claws really move around in water
    All maiofishingclubs are Salt Impregnated to make fish hold on for that extra time to get you more hook ups
    Country of Origin:United States

  • Zoom Tiny Brush Hog-Pack of 15


    Package length: 17.018 cm
    Package width: 3.302 cm
    Package height: 1.777 cm
    Product Type: FISHING HOOK

  • Zoom Trick Worm-Pack of 20


    6-1/2 inch Straight tailed worm
    Segmented worm with a natural slithering action
    Amazing fished weightless around shallow cover but also deadly on a Carolina rig or shakey head
    Sport type: Fishing

  • Zoom U Tail Worm-Pack of 20


    Zoom 20 Pack 6 June Bug Color
    Super Salty U-Tail Style Plastic Worms
    China designed product
    Material Name:Cashmere”