Fly Fishing Trade Shows

Fly fishing dates back to the ancient practice of hunting fish thousands of years ago and is continuously reinvented with various techniques and up until the present times, the activity has been transformed by modern technological developments. Fishing has been a favorite leisure activity for most that in the United States alone, almost 20% of the population spends an average of 16 days fishing. Because of this incessant liking for the activity, many organizers and exhibitors have put up fly fishing trade shows to attract both local and international markets and gain interest in the fishing sector.

There were quite a number of fly fishing trade shows that already took place in some regions in the US like, Colorado, New Jersey, California, and Minnesota. All of these shows exhibited modern fishing outdoor products, fish hunting, and sports fishing. Fishing equipments and accessories are on display and on sale at markdown prices. The exhibitors specifically wanted to capture the market for its kind, but interested people can were also welcome for more information. These fly fishing trade shows gained not only interest but also exposure of the activity to first timers, allowing for more people to indulge in the exciting hobby.

One events organizer on fly fishing that has been in operation for 31 years is International Sportsmen’s Exposition. The committee has sponsored numerous fly fishing trade shows and events in different locations and presented America’s premier adventure-travel and fishing products and services to so many outdoor enthusiasts. Participants of the shows were leading resorts and lodges, outdoor product manufacturers, boat dealers, nonprofit groups and even government agencies. They host events not the very ordinary way. Although they have a wide selection of fishing products, the show also allows visitors and guests to join in their expert-led fish sporting demos and fly fishing game competitions as well as seminars and video presentations. The purpose of these activities is to create a fun-filled and informative event for fishing enthusiasts.

ISE will organize shows in California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado this year and the upcoming months of early next year. They have an event schedule at Denver, Colorado dubbed as 2007 Denver Sportsmen’s Show, the largest fishing, hunting, and outdoor event in the region. In California, there will be two fly fishing trade events; one is the San Mateo Sportsman Show which is one of America’s leading fly fishing show, hunting and boat show. The other would be Sacramento International Sportsmen’s Exposition, a mega-outdoor show to be held at California Expo. It will showcase more gear and services than any other sportsman show in the entire region.

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